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8mm Jump Ring Silver Plated

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Our 8mm jump ring is one of the most versatile components that you can have in your jewellery kit. Jump rings are usually circular in shape with a split in the circumference. The spilt allows you to open and close the jump ring when using them. The trick when opening and closing, it’s always best to twist, rather than pull apart, to keep the nice round shape in tact. See our short YouTube video here or below.

Jump rings have many uses, commonly when hanging pendants from necklaces or connecting two findings together, e.g. necklace end and a clasp.  You can also link the jump rings together to form a safety chain or an extension chain. We always recommend using jump rings when connecting clasps to your jewellery. This way if the clasp breaks it’s easy to replace. We also recommend using jump rings as a tag to a clasp like the trigger clasp. Use the 6mm jump ring as a tag with the medium sized trigger as these work well together.

Jump rings are the main component in chainmaille jewellery. Chainmaille Jewellery is a popular type of jewellery making, here is a beginners book, Basic and Advanced Chain maille by Lauren Anderson that will get you started

The 8mm jump ring is made from 1.2mm wire and are available online in packs of 10, 50 or 500.

We also stock this item in gold plated.


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8mm Jump Ring Silver Plated
8mm Jump Ring Silver Plated
Regular Price £1.00 incl.VAT£25.50 incl.VAT