Adjustable Slide Clasp for 2mm Cord

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Adjustable Slide Clasp for 2mm Cord
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  • Description
We are constantly asked for sliding knots in the shop and now we have a solution to the sliding knot issue. The sliding bead clasp is a small circular bead with a silicon lining that grips the two ends of the thread when pushed through silicon hole from both sides.

With this clasp, depending on the size of the thread, you may have to use a thin piece of metal like a needle, pin or even the apple phone sim card opener! to push the second thread through the hole. Once through the hole you just pull the two ends of the thread away from each other to tighten the necklace/bracelet. To loosen just grab a hold of the bead and pull away from the neck or wrist.

Material Metal
Size 7mm
Plating Silver Plated
Hole Size 4mm