Beadalon 19 Strand 4.5m (15ft) Silver Plated

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1 £10.75 BS00038 

Beadalon 19 Strand 4.5m (15ft) Silver Plated

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  • Description
The Silver Plated Beadalon is bright silver, yet doesn’t have the subtlety of the Satin Silver colour.

A 19 strand jewellery wire makes this a very flexible and strong beading wire for a variety of jewellery designs. Slightly more expensive than the 7 strand this is more kink resistant and has a better drape due to its flexibility, the more strands making up the cable means it will be more flexibile. Can be crimped but not recommended for knotting.

In the 19 Strand Beadalon this colour is available in 15ft and 100ft reels. This spool is 15ft - 4.5 metres and the diameter is 0.018 inches - 0.46 mm.

Style 19 Strand
Brand Beadalon
Colour Silver
Diameter 0.46mm
Length 15ft, 4.5m