Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads are versatile beads due to the variety of lengths available. Our bugle beads are manufactured by Preciosa Ornela from the Czech Republic. The manufacture of Bugle beads is similar to seed beads where lmolten glass are drawn in to long glass rods, which are then cut to length from 1.5mm up to 35mm. Our entire range of bugle beads, whether in the gutermann range or not are manufactured in the czech republic. Bugle beads are used in various types of beading but commonly in beadweaving, bead embellishment of clothing and accessorizing handbags, shoes and hats. Bugle beads are commonly used when making fringes on dresses, curtains and lampshades. There's approximately 225 beads per 10g of the size 3 bugle bead, which is also known as the 7mm bugle bead.