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Bohemian Czech Glass Bead Mix

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The bohemian Czech glass bead mix is a mix of faceted beads varying in size from 3mm to 15mm, although each batch varies. The bead mix includes a variety of colours and can contain both opaque and transparent beads. All of the beads in the bohemian Czech glass bead mix come with a beautiful iridescent AB coating.

The bohemian bead mix is a faceted bead mix. The faceted glass, with the AB coating makes this a very sparkly bead mix. As it is a random mix of sizes, colours and effects we cannot hand pick out certain beads, Sorry! Even the smallest beads have a generously size hole through the centre and you will be able to mix and match these beads together on the same jewellery.

These beads are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Preciosa.  For more information on them and the glass beads they produce please click here. Preciosa are the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world. Preciosa also produce wooden beads, manufactured in Germany and made from sustainably sourced hardwood. Preciosa are also a large producer of Crystal beads. With Swarovski withdrawing from the crystal component market in 2021, we also stock a large range of Preciosa Crystal beads and Pendants.

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Bohemian Czech Glass Bead Mix
Bohemian Czech Glass Bead Mix
Regular Price £5.75 incl.VAT£22.50 incl.VAT