Czech Glass Seed Beads and Bugle Beads

Preciosa Ornela is the largest producer of glass beads in the Czech Rupublic based in the Jablonec region, the north end, of the country. A group of factories producing several varieties of czech glass beads including seed beads. The name given to small glass beads manufactured in long drawn tubes of molten glass that are then chopped into the beads before cooled. This gives them the rounded - donut shape. Seed beads are availble in over 800 colours and in varyng sizes. Seed bead sizes can be confusing where the larger the number equates to the smaller the bead. We stock size 15 seed beads, which are tiny and are much smaller than are more popular size 11's, which are smaller than the popular size 8 seed beads. The largest we hold in stock are size 3 seed beads but there are larger seed beads than 3's in our seed bead mixes