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DB001C Gunmetal Miyuki Cut Delica Size 11

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DB001c gunmetal miyuki cut delica are precision made, cylinder shaped beads. This allows them to fit together perfectly when woven, making them ideal for beadweaving. When beadweaving you need to use a strong, thin thread such as Miyuki beading thread, Wildfire or Fireline.

The cut delica has two cuts made on it cylindrical surface giving it facets that catch the light. The cut delica is also called the hex cut delica.

There are approx. 1000 beads per 5g. When strung on a single strand, 5g of beads are approxiamately 1.2 metres in length.

The size 11 delica bead is the most popular size delica used. This is probably because of the huge range of colours and effects available. The size 11 delica measures 1.3mm in length and 1.6mm in diameter. The hole is approximately 0.80 – 0.85mm. A generous sized hole for passing thread through several times.

Miyuki is a japanese company that have been producing glass beads since the 1930’s. A worldwide known company that produces high quality glass beads.

DB001C Gunmetal Miyuki Cut Delica beads are a highly polished silver/grey appearance similar to heamatite iron ore.

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Weight 8 g


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DB001C- DB199C

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Miyuki Cut Delica Size 11 DB001C Gunmetal
DB001C Gunmetal Miyuki Cut Delica Size 11
Regular Price £2.50 incl.VAT