Elasticated Threads for Jewellery Making

Elastic thread can be considered the easiest of bead stringing threads purely because you can finish it off with a knot. If you don't like the look of a knot in your bracelet or necklace there is the possibility of hiding the knot inside a bead with a large hole, this would require a little fore thought though especially with stretch magic elastic where you need to tie several knots on top of each other. We always recommend elastic where possible for bracelets. There are several types of elastic thread that you can chose from and we have them all. One tip for you when tying the knot. In order not to pull all of the elasticity out of the elastic when you come to tighten the knot pull on the two strands going in to the knot at the same time as the two strands coming out of the knot. This way the knot tightens instead of pulling elastic through the knot and taking the stretch out of the bracelet.