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Eyepin Gold Plated

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Our eyepin gold plated are used in the same way as headpins.  The eye at the bottom of the pin stops large hole beads from falling. The loop at the bottom of the pin gives you the option to make longer earrings by adding another pin. The loop will also give you the added bonus of connecting a charm with a jump ring.

Eyepins can also be used with beads to create chain-linked bracelets and necklaces, the only thing you have to do is be able to copy the loop on the other side of the bead! With practice this is easy to do with the right tools. Use round nose pliers and our easy to follow YouTube video ‘How to make a loop’– Easy!

These eyepins are made from 0.6mm diameter hardened copper wire and are then plated in gold. The eyepins that we stock are 50mm in length, including the eye. We recommend leaving at least 1cm of pin above any beads threaded on to the pin to make it easy to make the loop. A good pair of flush cutters is always recommended for trimming off the excess pin after you have finished the loop.

This item is available online in packs of 100 or 1000.

Eyepins are also available in black plated and silver plated.

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Eyepin 2 Inch Gold Plated
Eyepin Gold Plated
Regular Price £2.00 incl.VAT£17.95 incl.VAT