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Griffin White Nylon Power Cord No.4


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Griffin White Nylon Power Cord No.4 is extremely strong, non-stretch, smooth silky thread. You will find the needle is braided into the thread, which means there is no doubling over at the eye.  The cord knots easily and is ideal for threading pearls, we use this primarily for knotting freshwater pearls as part of our repair and restringing service.

You do not need to exclusively use this really strong cord for just knotting pearls. The strong, non stretchy cord is ideal for gemstone necklaces and other heavy beaded projects. There is nothing stopping you for using the Griffin white nylon power cord for any jewellery making. The needle makes stringing very easy. You can melt the ends of this cord to stop from fraying but we recommend leaving the useful needle on the thread as long as possible!

No.4 is 0.6mm in diameter, there is 2 metres on a card.

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