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Letter and Number Punch Set

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Great for personalizing jewellery & craft components! Constructed of steel & packaged in a deluxe wooden storage box with individually labelled slots to help keep the punches organized. Each set includes 26 A-Z capital letter punches, an “&” symbol, and 9 number punches (use the same punch for 6 & 9).

Use them to stamp copper, silver, brass, as well as wood, plastic, and leather & more. PLUS, our stamps include a fool-proof method to ensure your letters/ symbols are right side up every time! Simply place your thumb on the side of the punch marked BEADSMITH and the stamped letter will face the correct way (to stamp a 9, hold the 6/9 punch with the marked side under your forefinger).

Stamps are all Upper Case Gothic, the stamped letters measure approximately 3-4mm depending on the amount of pressure applied.

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Letter and Number Punch Set
Regular Price £19.95 incl.VAT