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Sculpey III Brights Multi Pack

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A multi-pack of Sculpey III colours ideal for starting a new craft.

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Sculpey III Brights Multi Pack is the perfect medium for anyone who likes to create. This popular polymer maintains tooling and detailing beautifully.

Once cured, Sculpey III bakes hard and takes on a matte, bisque-type finish. Once baked, Sculpey can be sanded; carved; drilled; buffed and re-baked if necessary.  It is easy-to-use and stays soft until you bake it.

Sculpey III is ideal for making millefiori canes; moulding; extruding; embossing and sculpting.  Tools are available to help with your creations.

This Sculpey III Brights Multi Pack includes 12  x 28g (1oz) bars of the following colours: White; fuchsia pearl; Granny Smith; Turquoise; Yellow; Hot Pink; Just Orange; Red Hot Red; Purple; Gold; Silver and Violet.

You can see our full range of Sculpey III colours here.

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sculpey III polymer clay brights set
Sculpey III Brights Multi Pack
Regular Price £16.00 incl.VAT