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Sculpey III Violet Glitter


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Sculpey III Violet Glitter polymer clay is a non-toxic, man-made modelling material.  Violet Glitter is colour number 562, Sculpey III is easy to work with and doesn’t dry out.  After baking in an ordinary oven it becomes permanently hard.  It can even be baked with jewellery findings embedded.

Just like other polymer clays, Sculpey III White Glitter has a wide variety of uses. Once baked, Sculpey can be sanded; carved; drilled; buffed and re-baked if necessary.

This clay is ideal for making millefiori canes; moulding; extruding; embossing and sculpting.  Tools are available to help with your creations.

Violet Glitter is a purply pinky coloured clay with flecks of  iridescent glitter running though it.

You can see our full range of Sculpey III colours here.

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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 60 × 48 × 18 mm