Seed Beads Size 3 Iridescent Blue

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10g 0.95 BS08449 
100g 4.50 BS08450 
500g 17.95 BS08451 

Seed Beads Size 3 Iridescent Blue
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  • Description
These Czech seed beads are size 3/0. With all seed beads, the lower the number, the larger the bead!

Size 3 seed beads are quite big when compared to size 11 or 15. You get approx. 60 beads in 10g and these beads measure approx. 4mm x 5.5mm with a hole that comfortable takes a 1.5mm piece of silver plated wire with a little space left over.

shape Seed Bead
Material Glass
Style 3/0
Brand Preciosa
Colour Irridescent Blue, Blue
Size 4 x 6 mm
Hole Size 1.5 mm