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Semi-Precious Carnelian Tumblechip

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Semi-Precious Carnelian Tumblechip beads and irregular organic shaped gemstone beads. These gemstone beads are strung on a 36 inch/90cm strand of monofilament. It’s very hard to gauge how many beads are on a string due to their irregular shapes and sizes. However the strand is long enough to be worn as a long wrap around necklace. Although we would advise re-stringing the beads on a durable and flexible beading wire like soft flex.

Each individual bead measures approximately between 12mm and 5mm. Though each bead is slightly different – once of the joys of tumble chips. As they have been tumbled there are no sharp edges.

The Semi-Precious Carnelian Tumblechip beads are is lovely range of orange shades. From pinky orange hues right through to almost translucent pale orange and deep reddish browns. A lovely warm colour which makes me think of Autumnal leaves.

Carnelian is a popular choice for jewellery making because of its affordability and versatility. It is believed to promote courage and endurance. Carnelian is traditionally associated with the Virgo zodiac sign for those born between 23rd August and 22nd September. As well as being one of the modern birth stones for July. We also have round Carnelian beads on our semi-precious bead range, you can view our full range of Carnelian bead here.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 75 mm
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Semi-Precious Carnelian Tumblechip
Semi-Precious Carnelian Tumblechip
Regular Price £8.50 incl.VAT