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Speedle Needle – 2 pack


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The Speedle Needle from The BeadSmith is a very handy tool and is produced in Japan. The Speedle needle allows you to pick up bead easily. Simply by pushing the threaded Speedle needle into a tube of beads. The small barb at the point that stops the beads sliding off again. The needle also has a large collapsible eye making it very easy to thread. There is a small twist in the needle at the top of the eye which helps hold the thread in position. This also helps the eye of the needle spring open again, making them easy to use over and over.

The pack of Speedle Needles  has 2 needles in them. Be careful when removing the needles from the pack, always pull them out by the pointy end and not the eye, so that the small hook at the end doesn’t get caught on the packaging. Try not to bend the needle, and store it carefully to help prolong its useful life. These needles will be great for project where you need to thread several beads at a time. Or if you struggle seeing small beads to pick up. The needle works with seed beads from size 15 up to size 11.

Sometimes products like these sound a little too good to be true, so Steph put it to the test and filmed a very short video showing how to use them. You can view the video below or view on it on our YouTube channel here.

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