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Square Wire Stainless Steel 1mm (18 Gauge)

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The Square Wire Stainless Steel 1mm (18 Gauge) is a hard strong wire. Great to use when making bezels and ring bands as strands will sit next to each other neatly with no gaps.

Square wire can easily be made more decorative. Simply twisting single lengths before incorporating into your designs. Creating an effective spiral look to the wire.  Steel wire is great creating free form delicate designs as it will hold its shape well and give you extra strength.  Very popular for tiaras and wire ring bands. As well as for crating a base for stone wrapping. You can easily incorporate this steel wire into designed where you need a strong frame or base. Where you need to add more delicate decoration with finer wires.

Our Square Wire Stainless Steel is made from the same material as a lot of our jewellery making cutters. This means you are likely to blunt the jaws if using them on this wire. We’d recommend using cutters suitable for steel wire like our Memory wire cutter used for cutting steel memory wire.

We have a wire weaving tutorial available on our YouTube channel perfect for getting into wirework, which you can view here.

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Square Wire Stainless Steel 1mm
Square Wire Stainless Steel 1mm (18 Gauge)
Regular Price £6.04 incl.VAT