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6 Tier Bead Stacker

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The 6 tier bead stacker is a really handy storage container that stack by screwing one pot on top of another. We sell them in three different diameters.

These containers are large enough to hold just the right quantity of beads for when you are on the move and when you do not want to carry everything! They are really secure because you can screw them very tightly closed. Also versatile as they are clear making it much easier for you to find exactly the bead you need. You can even build the 6 tier bead stacker into more levels by simply adding more to the bottom of your existing stack!

This Small Stacker has six compartments and is approximately 4cm in diameter. The other stackers are larger, deeper containers in 5 tiers, which is approximately 5cm in diameter. The  4 tier stacker is approximately 6.5cm in diameter for larger beads. We use these extensively in our workshop room to hold seed beads and delicas.

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6 Tier Bead Stacker in rigid clear plastic
6 Tier Bead Stacker
Regular Price £3.25 incl.VAT£7.25 incl.VAT