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Sterling Silver Necklace Ends (Calottes)

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You would use sterling silver necklace ends to attach the necklace or bracelet thread to any clasp. Sterling Silver will make your jewellery that extra bit special. Nothing shines like Sterling silver. Another advantage to sterling silver is that fewer people react to the metal unlike a lot of plating. If you are unsure if the recipient does react to plating then sterling silver is the answer.

With necklace ends, you will see where the two cups hinge a small hole for threading your necklace or bracelet thread through. So you are threading from the outside of the cups to the inside. Once you have the necklace end threaded on to your cord it a straightforward matter of securing it.

When you are using threads such as Beadalon, Supplemax, Softflex & SoftTouch secure them with either a crimp beads or tube. Whereas when you are using a knottable thread like Griffin Thread or Griffin Nylon Power Thread you can simply tie a knot. Cover the crimp or knot with the two cups by closing them together. You are left with a small strip of metal that can be formed into a loop. Us your loop to connect to a clasp or a jump ring and a clasp.

We have a small range of sterling silver clasps that include Trigger Clasps, Bolt Rings, Toggle Clasps and a fancy Filigree Oval.

You can see how to use a necklace end in our short YouTube video

For further projects and inspiration take a look at our YouTube channel.

Our sterling silver necklace ends are available online in a pack of 2, 10, or 50.


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sterling silver necklace ends also know as calottes
Sterling Silver Necklace Ends (Calottes)
Regular Price £3.30 incl.VAT£48.95 incl.VAT