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Stretch Magic Elastic 0.7mm Clear 25m

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Stretch Magic Elastic is a strong plastic elastic; it doesn’t fray like fabric elastics. It’s a perfect for creating simple elasticated bracelets and great for beginner jewellery makers. The 0.7mm is ideal for the majority of small to medium beads with hole size of at least 0.75mm. Finish with a reef knot (a dab of glue is also a good idea) or a size 2 crimp tube. (We recommend tubular crimps, not beads, as they have smoother edges).

We stock a range of 25m & 100m reels in 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 1mm diameters. A great tip when using stretch magic is to give the elastic a good stretch before using it. There will always be a little bit of elasticity that doesn’t return, so by doing this before making your bracelet will ensure your elastic doesn’t sag after use.
The clear Stretch Magic Elastic is a great all round elastic as it won’t show through transparent beads and works with every colour!

For heavy or large beads you can use 1mm stretch magic.

We filmed a helpful video showing how to tie a reef knot in stretch magic to secure your bracelet which you can see here;

You’ll find more useful videos and projects on our YouTube channel here.

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Stretch Magic Elastic
Stretch Magic Elastic 0.7mm Clear 25m
Regular Price £7.50 incl.VAT