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Supplemax 0.60mm

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Supplemax is a little more flexible but is stronger than monofilament, especially the 0.6mm diameter. This material is ideal for creating the floating or illusion necklace with the use of crimps or glue. We recommend using crimps to secure Supplemax to your findings. 0.60mm supplemax is ideal for the floater necklaces as long as you can thread your beads on! Using either glue or crimp beads you can easily space your beads out along the length of supplemax for that suspended in the air look.

Supplemax is available in three other diameters, 0.15mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm and each are on 50 metre reels.

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Supplemax 0.60mm
Regular Price £4.95 incl.VAT