Wildfire 0.15mm Black 50yd (45.8 metres)

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Wildfire 0.15mm Black 50yd (45.8 metres)

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  • Description
WildFire™ beading thread is ideal for beadweaving, it features the strength and durability of DandyLine™ with a smooth, thermally bonded coating, to create a superior stringing product that cannot be pierced with a needle. Super strong, waterproof and zero-stretch this cord will not fray at the ends which makes it easy to thread through a needle. It works well with seed beads and delicas and is invaluable when beadweaving items with sharp edges such as Swarovski crystals. This knottable, supple cord is also great for multi-strand seed bead designs.

The diameter of this black thread is thin, 0.15mm and is available in 50 yards (45.8 metre) reels. Also available in white and in a 0.2mm thickness.

Brand Beadalon
Colour Black
Diameter 0.15mm
Length 50yd, 45.8m

  • Customer Reviews

Product Rating 5 Wildfire thread, Kerrie Slade - 27 October 2010
I used Wildfire thread for the first time yesterday, for a beadweaving project that uses Delicas and crystals and I was really impressed. It didn't kink, it wasn't prone to knots and I was able to pass the 0.15mm diameter through the beads 3 or 4 times easily. I also felt confident in using it with crystals. I haven't tried using the white Wildfire yet, but the black thread blended into the background of my project well and didn't really show. Another bonus is that there was no messy residue which can sometimes be the case with other black thread.
Product Rating 5 How good is this?, Steve - 18 May 2015
I'm a newcomer to beading, I tried once before but didn't apply myself very well. This time I purchased two kits of Peyote beading, what a difference! The correct parts and instructions make a great difference. This cord was in the kits and wow, not being able to stick the needle through this product, what a great difference... speed is up no end by not having to keep pulling the thread out of the way... I'm ordering a reel of black and one of white at 0.15mm. Well done to yourselves for stocking this great product. Steve
Product Rating 4 I can do it!, Steve - 01 September 2016
The blurb tells us that you can't put your needle through this tread... I can... It's really anoying and the readon I only gave it 4 stars. When you do it you have to take the needle off pull the thread off and re-thread, a pain in the... Apart from this if it could cook I'd marry it! It is the best thread I've ever used, all the other claims are true in my opinion.