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WrapMaker Pliers

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These new WrapMaker pliers are a new innovative pair of pliers from Bead Smith. They’re a very handy tool to have, particularly if you’re into wirework and wire wrapping. They make that trickly part of getting started when you’re trying to hold everything tight for those first few wraps so much easier. The pilers allow you to hold multiple wires together, neatly and without them moving! The WrapMaker pliers will be very useful when working with square wire too, helping keep them straight and level. The main section of the plier jaws will hold multiple wires securely together. While the shorter section of the jaws allow you to wedge your wrapping wire in position ready to wrap making it easier to hold your work and all your wires where you want them.

If you’re just getting into wirework, why not check out our workshops and learn a new skill.

You can see our full range of wire here, including plated, coloured and sterling silver wire. We have many other great wire working tools too from WigJigs to Flat Nylon Pliers. You can view our full range of tools here.

You can see how they work in this handy video from the BeadSmith below.

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WrapMaker Pliers
WrapMaker Pliers
Regular Price £13.95 incl.VAT