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Preciosa Seed Beads

Preciosa is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Czech glass beads from the Czech Republic. Their range of glass beads include Preciosa seed beads, bugles beads, two hole glass beads and lampwork beads. Lampwork is a term referred to handmade glass beads instead of machine formed or cut. As each individual bead is handmade these are available at a higher price than the standard pressed glass bead. Lampwork also have the advantage of looking much more unique as designs in the glass are much more elaborate. There are subtle differences in each bead which adds to its uniqueness

Preciosa have been manufacturing glass beads since 1548 in a small town called Mšeno in an area known as Crystal Valley. Later on in 1688 the first crystal glass was formed, cut and polished.

Today we enjoy a huge range of colours and effects in the Preciosa seed bead range. We currently stock the most popular sizes used in the majority of beading projects, size 8 and size 11. We also stock size 13 and size 15’s but in a smaller range.

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