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Paw Print Peyote Pattern

This paw print peyote pattern was originally designed to help raise funds for the cats protection when we hosted a Pawsome Tea party. If you’ve enjoyed the pattern please feel free to make a donation online here

And for mare information visit Thank you!

Tools and Materials

How to make a Paw Print Peyote Pattern

This paw bracelet has been woven using odd count peyote stitch.

The paw design is 15 beads wide and the repeat is 23 rows. The beading measures 20mm wide and the repeat is 19mm deep. Working from either the top or bottom of the diagram, keep repeating  the pattern until your bracelet is long enough.

If you are new to bead-weaving, we have a useful YouTube video showing how to do odd count peyote stitch.

There are many ways to finish peyote bracelets, but we’ve chosen to use the 13mm E-hook clasp and there is a video showing you how to add the E-hook clasp to your Paw Print Peyote Pattern here. Tip; once you’ve attached the clasp to your bracelet check the length before adding the loop, you don’t want your bracelet too long or short!

We hope you have fun creating a Purrrr-fect  bracelet, feel free to share your designs with #thebeadshopnottingham on Facebook or Instagram.

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