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Beading Needle Pebble 10/12

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This handy pebble container has a flip lip and holds 4 John James beading needles; two size 10 beading needles and two size 12 beading needles. It provides a great way to transport your beading needles around without them getting bent or damaged. These beading needles are 5cm long and have small slim eye making them easy to pass through small seed beads, both these needles will easily pass through size 11 seed beads and a size 12 needle will go though a size 13 seed bead. You may find using a needle threader handy when threading nymo and other beading threads.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 1 mm
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Beading Needle Pebble - Size 109 and size 12 beading needles
Beading Needle Pebble 10/12
Regular Price £2.00 incl.VAT