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Crystal Star Earrings

Learn how to make these pretty Crystal Star Earrings with our step by step tutorial. A perfect beginner bead-weaving project.

You will make; a pair of beaded crystal bead and seed bead earrings.

You will learn; a simple bead-weaving technique to weave the beads together.

Tools and Materials

How to make Crystal Star Earrings

Step 1

Cut a length of thread approximately 40-50cm. Thread your needle and pick up 5 x 4mm bicone beads. Tie the two ends of thread together, leaving the tail end approximately 8cm long (enough to fasten off the thread securely later). 

Step 2

Thread though 1 bicone bead then pick up 1 size 11 seed bead then thread through the next bicone bead. Repeat adding a seed bead between each bicone bead until you have added 5. Thread though the first bicone beads followed by the first seed bead again.

Step 3

Pick up 6 new seed beads and thread through the next single seed bead (added in step 2). Pick up another 6 seed beads and thread though the next seed bead. Add a further 3 more sets of 6 seed beads between the single seed beads. Once you have added the last set, thread through the single bead you started from, followed by the first 3 beads of the first set of 6. 

Step 4

Pick up 1 new seed bead, thread through the remaining 3 beads of the set of 6, followed by the single bead (in between the bicone beads, then the first 3 beads of the next set. Pick up a new bead and repeat the process to add all 5 points on the star.  Fasten off the ends securing using half hitch knots, thread through few beads and trim off the excess thread.

Step 5

Make a second star in the same way and attach your earring findings with 2 jump rings to make the stars dangle and face forwards. We have a useful How to leaflet that will help you which is available in store or downloadable from our website. 

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