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    4mm Round Wooden Beads Orange*

    Regular Price £1.35 incl.VAT£7.95 incl.VATOn sale price £1.00 incl.VAT£5.95 incl.VAT
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  • 12mm mixed colours wooden bead mix

    12mm Mixed Colour Round Wooden Beads

    Regular Price £7.25 incl.VAT£61.50 incl.VAT
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  • 10mm mixed coloured wooden beads

    10mm Round Wooden Beads Mixed Colours

    Regular Price £5.95 incl.VAT£45.95 incl.VAT
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  • 12mm round wooden beads in mixed colours

    8mm Round Wooden Beads Mixed Colours

    Regular Price £4.75 incl.VAT£33.50 incl.VAT
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  • coloured round wooden bead mix

    6mm Round Wooden Beads Mix

    Regular Price £3.50 incl.VAT£24.50 incl.VAT
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