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0.3mm Black Coloured Wire – 10

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28 gauge black coloured copper wire

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Our Black Coloured Wire has a 100% copper core that is nickel free before plating. This copper core wire has been silver plated before the adding the final colour. So no matter how much you bend and twist this wire the colour will not flake off.

0.3mm wire is equal to 28 gauge. You will find either of the two measurements used in beading and jewellery projects. It is the same diameter just two different ways to show it. This reel of black coloured craft wire holds approx. 15 meters of wire.

Like the 0.2mm wire, a single strand of 0.3mm wire is not strong enough to hold most beads or pendants in place. Folding a long piece of wire in half and twisting the two ‘legs’ together creates a much stronger strand. This technique usually gives you a small loop at the end for hanging pendants from!

We stock a range of 8 colours in both 0.3mm (15 metres) and 0.6mm (10 metres).

These gauges are approximate;

0.2mm wire is 30 gauge wire
0.3mm wire is 28 gauge wire
0.4mm wire is 26 gauge wire
0.6mm wire is 22 gauge wire
0.8mm wire is 20 gauge wire
1.0mm wire is 18 gauge wire
1.2mm wire is 16 gauge wire
1.5mm wire is 15 gauge wire

To download our wire gauge conversion chart pdf please right click the image and save target as..
To view the pdf just double click the image.

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0.3mm Black Coloured Wire – 10
Regular Price £15.95 incl.VAT