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1mm Copper Wire – 10

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Our 1mm Copper Wire is 100% copper wire. Copper is a soft metal and this round 1mm diameter wire is easy to use but holds its shape very well. As with all wire it can be hardened by simply handling it.

The 1mm copper wire is an ideal diameter to make your own jewellery findings such as toggle clasps or for a focal pendant. We put the 1mm copper wire in our beginners silversmithing starter kit as a practice wire.

To harden this wire you simply just run the wire through your fingers several times. If your fingers complain (which they probably will until they’ve hardened themselves!) use a pair of nylon jawed pliers. We recommend these pliers if you are going to do a lot of wire work. The nylon jaws grip the wire without marking the wire. Running wire through the jaws will harden the wire making it stiffer and it then hold shapes much better.

Each pack is approximately 4 metres in length. There are 10 x 4 metre packets in this pack. It is also available in single packs. This is part of a range of diameters we stock in copper from 0.4mm to 1.0mm.

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In a lot of projects, especially from the USA, the wire is labelled as a gauge. The 1mm wire we stock is also known as 18 gauge wire. The chart below is a pdf file that should open in a separate tab on your browser. If you wish to download this wire gauge chart just right click and download. You may have to open it in a separate tab before downloading. We hope this helps!

Craft Wire gauge conversion chart


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1mm copper craft wire
1mm Copper Wire – 10
Regular Price £21.25 incl.VAT