0.4mm Copper Wire

26 gauge copper jewellery making wire

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1 2.25 BS02031 
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0.4mm Copper Wire

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  • Description
Our Copper Wire is not a plated wire, this is solid copper. The spool holds 20 metres of 0.4mm (26 gauge) craft wire.

Copper is a popular material to make in jewellery, the antique look is a great deal more subtle. Another advantage to copper jewellery is that it helps with joint pain, especially bracelets.

0.4mm wire is a useful diameter to have for wire wrapping and decorating plain jewellery. This holds multple pieces together without taking up too much space or beng obvious in your design.

We stock a range of sizes from 0.4mm to 1.0mm.

To download our wire gauge conversion chart pdf please right click the image and save target as..

To view the pdf just double click the image.

Size 0.4mm, 26 ga
Length 20m
Plating Copper Wire