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6mm Round Amber Semi-Precious Beads

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The 6mm Round Amber Semi-Precious Beads are a rich yellow-gold colour polished to a high finish. Whilst amber is not a true semi-precious material its value is due to the high demand as a fossilised resin.

Amber is a naturally occurring resin secreted by trees as a defence from being damaged. Over a very long period of time this resin hardens into amber. The rarest amber comes from the Dominican Republic area of the world whilst the majority comes from the Baltic coast of Russia! The colour of Amber is a warm golden brown shade, just like clear honey.

You can tell real amber by simply holding it. As a resin it is soft and warm to the touch whereas fakes are often cold and hard. Amber scratches easily so handle with care if wire wrapping the beads.

The 6mm Round Amber is an expensive material to use but it makes really beautiful jewellery. Create earrings using our sterling silver headpins and fishhooks. You can see, our video showing how to make a simple pair of earrings on our YouTube channel here. If you want to make a necklace then we would recommend using a premium beading wire like soft touch and maybe spacing out the amber beads with our goldfill or sterling silver spacer beads!

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6mm semi-precious amber beads
6mm Round Amber Semi-Precious Beads
Regular Price £2.25 incl.VAT£112.00 incl.VAT