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Art Clay Silver Beginner Kit

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The art clay silver beginner’s kit comes with everything a beginner needs to get started with the fascinating medium of Art Clay.

Art Clay Silver is real silver held in a binding medium to make it sculpt-able, similar to Fimo polymer clay. You are left with a 99% pure silver piece of jewellery after the binding clay is burnt off during firing.

The kit comes in a strong re-sealable clear bags and contains the following:

– 7g Art Clay Silver (New Formula)
– Acrylic Roller – for rolling out the clay
– Plastic spacers 1.5mm thick – to help make the clay an even thickness
– Oyumaru (resin mould) – for making moulds and is re-useable.
– Sponge sanding pad set – to shape and smooth your clay before firing, and to mirror polish your silver after firing (use red, blue and green in this order)
– Brass Brush – for brushing your piece after firing, leaves a satin finish
– Silver polishing cream – for polishing a piece to a mirror finish
– Polishing cloth – for polishing a piece to a mirror finish
– Liver of Sulphur – to give a black patina, antiquing solution
– Round jump ring – to hang on a chain
– Stainless steel net for firing over a gas hob.
– Burnisher – for bringing up a high shine on raised surfaces.
– Instruction booklet – with detailed clear instructions and pictures.

7g of clay to make a basic ring, or several small pendants.

To fire your silver clay creations you can use:
a kitchen torch and ceramic firing brick
a steel net (included in the kit) on a gas hob or camping stove, full instructions also included.
or a kiln. Our kiln is available for hire, please call or email for more information.

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Art Clay Silver Beginner Kit
Regular Price £68.00 incl.VAT