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Beadalon 7 Bright 30ft (9.2m) 0.38mm


Beadalon 7 Bright Beading Wire

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Beadalon 7 Bright beading wire is a strong thread constructed from 7 strands of fine-diameter stainless steel wires. Covered with a clear nylon coating gives this jewellery wire a kink resistant quality.

This Beadalon wire cannot be knotted but has to be crimped using either crimp beads or crimp tubes.

Beadalon 7 bright beading wire is the most popular and most economical wire on the market for creating your first pieces of jewellery.

Made in USA by Beadalon.

This colour of Beadalon is the most common. It has a standard metalic silvery appearance, making it a good colour to use in many beading projects. This is also available in a pack of 6.

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