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Blue Glass Eye Beads

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These Blue Glass Eye Beads are 10mm round beads with an approx. 1mm hole.

The blue glass eye beads have been very popular in the shop so we thought it was time to add them to the website too. Already in the shop we’ve seen them being made into earrings, pendants and many bracelets. In many different cultures they’re believed to protect against the evil eye, you can read more about it here.

The beads are round and have the basic image of an eye on them. Made from glass, they are high quality and the vibrant in colour. The main colour of the bead is a a bright blue shade. The eye, runs through the centre of the beads so appears on both sides. This is white with a central light blue circle (iris) then black central dot (pupil).

We sell these in a singles or on a string (approx 40 beads). Please note the the beads will vary slightly. Due to the way the beads are made the size of the eye and black centre part vary across a whole string.  If you and buying single beads and specifically want a matching pair, (to make earrings for example). Please make a note in the customer notes box at checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

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