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Donut Czech Glass Bead Mix

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The Donut Czech Glass Bead Mix is a great mix or different coloured donut shaped beads. The donuts measure 6mm x 11mm with a large 4.5mm hole. The large hole makes these beads perfect for threading on to thick cords like paracord and macrame cotton. They also look great simply threaded onto chain or Silkies cord.

The mix has lots of different colours and effects including both transparent and opaque beads. The colours range from very pale to dark too. There’s lots of different blue shades of blue, as well as white, turquoise, red, orange, green, brown, purple, milky pink and two tone colours. Some of these beads have lovely marbling effects running through them giving some of the beads the look of semi-precious gemstones.

Donut Czech Glass Bead Mix arrive to us already mixed and pre-packaged in 250g packs. We cannot guarantee the mixes will contain certain numbers of any specific colours. We’re unable to pick out colours for you as they are a random mix of beads.

We sell these in 250g and 50g packs. There are approximately 60 beads in a 50g pack and 300 beads in a 250g pack.

These beads are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Preciosa.  For more information on them and the glass beads they produce please click here. Preciosa are the biggest manufacturer of glass beads in the world.

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czech glass donut bead mix
Donut Czech Glass Bead Mix
Regular Price £4.25 incl.VAT£13.95 incl.VAT