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FireLine 4LB & 6LB Smoke Grey (15 yrd reel) Twin Pack


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FireLine 4LB & 6LB Smoke Grey twin pack saves space whilst carrying a larger range of threads. American beading magazines promote fireline in a lot of their beading projects.

This 0.12 mm and 0.15mm firelines are very thin and will thread through your beads several times, which makes it ideal for intricate beadwork. Bead weavers favour this thread but it is one of those threads that come down to personal preference. Fireline’s popularity is growing in the UK but there are other equivalent products like Wildfire.

This slender, flexible thread is easy to thread through the eye of a beading needle. It is a very strong thread that will require scissors or cutters to trim. Try it and see what you think. We always welcome your feedback on this product and what you are using it for.

A microfused braided thread, this is the 4lb breaking strength thread and is 0.0047 inches thick which equates to 0.12mm in diameter. The 6lb breaking strength thread and is 0.006 inches thick which equates to 0.15mm in diameter.

FireLine 4LB & 6LB Smoke Grey thread is primarily a fishing line that has been adopted by the beading world because of its flexibility and strength. Berkley is the manufacturer of this thread, ironically nothing to do with the beading world!

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