John James 50 Hand Sewing Needles with Threader

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John James 50 Hand Sewing Needles with Threader
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  • Description
John James English beading needles are superior quality beading needles. They are less likely to bend than cheaper versions and are relatively easy to thread.

The packet contains 50 needles and a needle threader. There are 6 sizes of needles contained in the pack, each has a description as follows;

Tapestry - are short blunt points for needlepoint canvas, mesh stitching and cross stitch.
Chenille - Short with large eyes for tufting and candlewicking
Darners - with great length and long eyes, used for darning and mending with heavy materials
Sharps - For general sewing and dressmaking
Betweens/Quilting - shorter than sharps, used for quilting, tailoring and other fine work
Embroidery/Crewel - with long eyes used for embroidery work.