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Kumihimo Disk Mini

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The Kumihimo Disk Mini is a 32 slot disk and tends to be the starter disc for anyone starting out on this kind of braiding. Discover the ancient art of braiding cords, otherwise known as Kumihimo in Japanese. The Kumihimo Disk is 11cm in diameter and made of 9.5mm dense foam. The disk creates a rounded braid. This tool is sturdy & will hold the threads firmly as you braid. Because it’s portable, you can easily take your projects almost anywhere. Our range of satin cord, also known as rattail,  is perfect for use with this item.

We also have kumihimo bobbins available for controlling your threads as the basic weave uses 8 threads! and for those who like a consistent tension in their weave we have two weights that can be hooked to the weave once it is started. You can use the bobbins as a weight for a consistent tension the weave but you can get heavier weights. There is a 45g weight and a 90g weight. Please see our small range of glue on ends to attach your kumihimo braid to a clasp set.


Click here for kumihimo printed instructions.

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Kumihimo Disk Mini
Regular Price £3.95 incl.VAT