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Kumihimo Large Disk

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This large Kumihimo Disk is 6 inches – 15cm in diameter and made of 20mm dense foam. There are 64 slots around the circumference of the disk and the central hole measures 35mm. The 64 numbered positions on this disk allow for the more complex patterns available. Some customers prefer the larger disc because they find it easier to hold and to use.

The size of the disk makes no difference to the size of the braid, it is the number of threads used. If you are using 8 threads for your braid then the weave will come out the same size regardless of which disk you use.

The disk creates a rounded braid and is a bit easier to use than the smaller size if you are using a lot of threads. This tool is sturdy & will hold the threads firmly as you braid, it’s also portable so you can easily take your projects almost anywhere. Our range of satin cord is perfect for use with this item. Click here for Kumihimo Instructions.

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Kumihimo Large Disk
Regular Price £4.95 incl.VAT