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Liver of Sulphur 6ml

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Use after firing and polishing to give an oxidised or antique effect to silver. Great for enhancing textures and patterns on the silver.

Mix with warm water and dip your piece until you have reach the desired effect, rinse with clean water. Or dab the mixture on with a brush for special effects.

Clean the silver with baking soda and hot water before using the LOS.

Mix the LOS with cooler water to give a slower reaction, which can give you a lovely rainbow effect. Rinse with cold water as soon you have reached the colour you’re after.

Tip – a quick way to remove the patina from a metal clay piece if you really don’t like it is to simply burn it off with a torch.

This is a safe and non-toxic product; it is traditionally used as a bath solution in Japan for treating all sorts of ailments! Keep in a dark place, and replace the cap straight away to stop the product “going off”.

Convenient little size of 6ml.

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Liver of Sulphur 6ml
Regular Price £3.95 incl.VAT