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Mixing Cups

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Helpful little plastic cups to use while preparing resin. They include measurements printed on the side at 5ml intervals up to 30ml. Measuring is very important when working with resin, and it is best to use plastic cups to mix in then they can be thrown away. This is because it is difficult to completely empty out the resin, and you don?t want an old batch to contaminate a new batch.

When mixing resin together it is important to slowly mix the resin and hardener together to prevent trapping air which creates bubbles. Also try and pour resin as low to the cup as possible, again to prevent air being trapped in the mixture. However, if bubbles do appear in your resin, use a heat gun to gently warm the surface to release them.

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Mixing Cups
Regular Price £1.30 incl.VAT£9.25 incl.VAT