Miyuki Quarter Tila Beads QTL2002 Matte Slate Grey

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5g 2.95 BS11834 
25g 10.95 BS11835 
50g 19.95 BS11836 

Miyuki Quarter Tila Beads QTL2002 Matte Slate Grey
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  • Description
These new Miyuki Quarter Tila Beads are a welcome addition to this popular range. They measure 1.2 x 5 x 1.9 mm, and have two parallel 0.8mm holes running the length of the bead. As is standard with Miyuki, these Quarter Tila Beads are high quality and quite uniform in size and shape, they work brilliantly along side the half tila and full size tila beads in stringing and bead woven designs.

The Matte slate grey is a lovely matte grey shade with a slight hint of iridescent blue and subtle shine.
There are approximately 235 quarter tila beads in 5g.

shape Quarter Tila
Material Glass
Brand Miyuki
Code QTL2000 - QTL2999
Colour Grey
Hole Size 0.8mm