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Plexi Acrylic and Wood Triangle Pendant – Fuchsia

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These fun Plexi Acrylic and Wood Triangle Pendant are a great statement pendant.

The larger wooden triangle, in the background, measure 60mm x 58mm, with a 28mm x 28mm cut out centre. The small plexi acrylic triangle mounted on top measures 25mm x 23mm. This makes the overall height 65mm. The small triangle has a mirror backing making it really catch and reflect the light. The mirror section comes with a protective plastic coating which you can peel off when you’re ready to wear your pendant).

They are made from wood and mirrored plexi acrylic making them lightweight so ideal for turning into earrings with fishhook or a pendant with a jump ring added to a chain.

The Fuchsia pendant has a lovely deep pink wooden background with a silver mirror smaller triangle.

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Weight10 g
Dimensions50 × 40 × 3 mm
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