Spring End Gold Plated

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2 0.16 BS00716 
20 1.20 BS00717 
100 5.50 BS00718 

Spring End  Gold Plated
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  • Description
Spring Ends are primarily used for cotton bootlace cord; insert the cord in to the open end of the Spring End and crush the last ring against itself with flatnose/chainnose pliers. If you then rotate the spring end by 180 degrees and squeeze the crushed ring into the centre, this will ensure the cord hangs evenly. These ends will accommodate a 2mm thread very snugly, whereas if you use a 1mm thread we recommend that you double the end over before pushing it inside the Spring End. One excellent feature of this clasp is that you can recycle it several times by just cutting off the crushed ring and inserting a new thread and starting all over again! Also available in silver plated.

Material Metal
Plating Gold Plated