Swarovski crystals, beads, pendants, pearls & more

Swarovski Crystals beads are the finest cut crystal beads and crystal pendants in the world. Swarovski is a name synonymous with quality and their crystal components are unrivalled when making unique and very sparkly jewellery at any level. We stock a large range of Swarovski crystal beads, the most popular is the xilion, the upgraded bi-cone closely followed by Swarovski's expanding range of crystal pearls, sew on stones and crystal pendants. As a Swarovski distributor we can order any Swarovski component in any quantity. We are happy to check current stock with Swarovski and give you a quote, you may be surprised how easy and how ecomonical creating new and unique jewellery can be.


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is Swarovski’s product brand for cut-crystal for jewellery & accessories. CREATE YOUR STYLE is Swarovski's initiative to provide inspiration and instruction on using their component collection. The extensive collections of Swarovski Beads, Pendants and Flat Backs, to name a few are unrivalled in quality, precision and consistency and known worldwide for their exceptional brilliance and irresistible range of colours.

The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS product collection is updated and enhanced twice a year with new colours and products, keeping one step ahead of worldwide trends in fashion, style and design.

Swarovski have continually pushed boundaries of innovation and crystal creativity since 1895, when the company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski pioneered his scintillating machine-cut crystal jewellery stones which are still to this day manufactured in Austria.