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Beadalon Elastic Cord Needle

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Beading Needle for making bracelets – fast
The beadalon elastic cord needle is 27cm long which makes it ideal for making bracelets. Simply thread your beads on to the needle instead of your thread. You then attach your cord to the bent over end so only a single strand is running in line with the needle, excess thread would need trimming. Then pull your beads onto the thread, whether you are using elastic cord or non-elastic cord.

The needle is 1mm in diameter which is the only limiting factor as you have to make sure your beads have a hole that will be bigger than 1mm!

This does speed up threading once you have had a bit of practice!

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Beadalon have created yet another accessory to help you with making jewellery. The elastic cord needle allows you to thread on your beads along the 27cm length where there is a large loop that stops you beads from falling off, which is much quicker than threading straight on to your elastic thread or any thread that you want to make your bracelet from.

Once you have the beads threaded onto the needle you then attach your thread to the end where you threaded your beads onto. At this end the tip of the needle is bent back on itself and flatten slightly so that there isn’t a great deal of difference in size with the rest of the needle. At the bent tip you pull back your thread into the ‘slit’, trim off any excess and then pull your beads down onto your thread. Don’t forget to have a bead stopper at the far end of your thread!

The needle is made from 1mm diameter stainless steel wire, which is the minimum sized holed bead you can use with this needle and at 27 cm in length this should make any size of bracelet. You can at least measure the beads when they are threaded onto the needle and know you are making the correct sized bracelet.

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Beadalon Elastic Cord Needle
Regular Price £2.85 incl.VAT