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My Trials & Errors experimenting with Glow in the Dark Polymer Clay

I was so excited when I discovered that Sculpey make a glow in the dark polymer clay, and in Premo too! Premo is my personal favourite type of polymer clay. it is stronger and more durable than Sculpey III so better for my miniature creations. In the examples I’d seen online it looked like it really did glow in the dark, and brightly too! So I had to see for myself. I had a go at making a few pieces; a ghost (of course), sweet charms to test out our new adorable cutters and a simple octopus (why not!?)

Premo! Sculpey Accents Glow In The Dark

Does it really glow?

As you can see, my little makes do glow very brightly, I can hardly believe my eyes! Once baked, this glow in the dark clay is translucent with a slight greenish/yellow tint. When the lights are off that fantastic florescent green really shows!

Can you combine glow in the dark polymer clay with other media?

I did some experimenting and found that you can paint and glaze the clay as normal, adding additional detail with other clays too. But, if mixed with other colours would this clay still glow in the dark…? Yes! Only when mixed with a very small amount of colour, but that’s all you need! This translucent clay takes on colour very easily and when baked becomes even brighter and slightly darker, so only a tiny pinch is needed, as you can see from my test below.

Are there any downsides?

There’s only one small issue I came across using this clay. Due to its translucent nature, some embedded findings (like eye pins) are slightly visible on small charms. This isn’t a huge drawback for me. You may not even notice them (I can be a perfectionist). That said it didn’t detract anything from my pieces, but it’s definitely worth noting.

Excited to try glow in the dark polymer clay for yourself?

Get yours here! We also have a fun set of Glow in the Dark Premo clay. It is a perfect set for experimenting with. It contains 4 ready mixed Glow in the Dark colours as well as black and white clay to compliment them. Why not embellish your makes with some of our glow in the dark beads?

Sculpey glow in the dark pack contents

This clay is perfect for;

  • Making coat or bag charms, especially when walking in the dark or attending a festival or bonfire.
  • Embellishments to decorate bedroom walls and ceilings.
  • Jewellery for nights out and parties (when we’re allowed those again).
  • And of course, all things Halloween! From jewellery to decorations.

I hope you’ve found my trials and errors experimenting with glow in the dark polymer clay useful. I have more ideas to try. I’d love to mix it with liquid Sculpey next, I am curious to see how brightly it would glow. I’m thinking donuts with glow in the dark icing and beads with swirling, glowing patterns. What would you make with this quirky clay?

Eloise x
You can see some of my other polymer clay creations here @asifbymagiccreations

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