Stretch Band Bracelets – How To Make A Simple & Stylish Accessory [Video]

9 Jan

Stretch Band Bracelets are a craze that started in America, as many things do, and has started to take off here! People have started to make jewellery from bright and colourful elastic bands. These bracelets are influenced by the oldest style of chain, by the Romans, whereby circles of metal were manipulated in the same fashion as these stretch bands.

Chain Link Bracelet

You can find an example of these classic chains here.

Making a Stretch Band Bracelet

The concept is actually very simple and only a couple of tools are needed to make the basic bracelets. All you need to get started are the stretch bands, which are colourful small elastic bands, the stretch band tool or a crochet hook and finally the clips. The clips are small and c-shaped so the bands can clip on both ends.

Stretch Band Bracelet KitStretch Band Bracelet

As the stretch band bracelet is flexible, there is no need for clasps or any other fastening. Once the bands are on the clip, there is no need to take it off.

The bracelet makes up very quickly, so they are great for young ones with shorter attention spans. In the end, you will have a very bright and colourful bracelet that is guaranteed to stand out. These bracelets, due to their vibrant colours, lend themselves perfectly to our plastic and wooden beads to add a little more interest and variety.

Here’s our handy video which takes you step by step through making a Stretch Band Bracelet:


We loved this great example from a blog, Two Clever Moms, we recently came across which describes how to add an extra dimension to the bracelets by adding beads and other trinkets. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in making these stylish bands.

If you would like to give these fun bracelets a try, or if you know someone who would, be sure to check out our site for supplies by clicking here.

Hope you have fun making them! Send us examples of your creations via Twitter (@mailorder_beads) or Facebook ( and we’ll feature the best on our site. Happy crafting!

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